• Cara Goulding

Nine Months with Rosalind

Does anyone else feel like these updates come around too quickly?

This month officially means that Rosalind has been in for as long as she has been out which is a bit insane, and I know which one went quicker - even with me skipping a month of pregnancy! It's lovely to think that in some way or another we've been together for a year and a half.


The dislike of peas has gone, she loves them now! It definitely has something to do with her love of picking up tiny things. She would quite happily sit there and eat a whole bowl of peas, and has done! She is clever though and extracts the 'pea' spitting the shell out as she obviously can't chew it down yet.

Her lack of teeth don't seem to be hindering her that much although it would help her with meat, at the moment all she can really do is mush it around.

Her favourite foods this month are curry, lasagne, broccoli, potatoes and meat.

She loves water, and in particular drinking from an adult cup so I've bought a DOIDY cup in the hope that we will have less spillages but she will feel like she is copying mummy and daddy.

I need to sit down this month and make an action plan with regards to her weaning. My goal is to have her fully weaned by the first weekend in May as we are at a wedding for 3 days without her so it would be ideal. I need to think about the logistics of it.

After going to the health clinic today I've had to make some changes to the way we will be doing things moving forward. Rosie just isn't putting on much weight despite breastfeeding and three meals so I am going to try giving her one bottle of formula and see if it makes a big difference when I go back in a month's time.

I started doing this tonight after her dinner but she only took 1oz, I have no idea how much she should be having but I think it's more than that! Still everything is a supplement.

I'm not going to lie - I am incredibly disappointed that this is where our exclusive breastfed journey ends. I am having severe feelings of doubt about my ability to grow my child which, no matter how much people tell me I'm doing a good job, just wont fade. It is something that I'm fiercely proud of, the ease in which we took to breastfeeding and that we have managed it for this long. It has come to a point however where the breastmilk just isn't enough for her needs, especially as I don't want to introduce more breastfeeds given that I'll be weaning shortly.

We will see how we get on this month and obviously I will update you in 4 weeks time.


We've had a few occasions of sleeping through in the last couple of weeks so I'm daring to hope that we are going in the right direction and we might get back to those heady days before Leap 4 when she slept through every night. I might be living the dream people!

Naps are tricker though, I've got into a habit of feeding or rocking her to sleep because I can't put her down for a nap without her standing up. It's not really a habit that I want to get into but one that seems to be pretty common when I've spoken to other mums so I think for now I might need to roll with it.

Her bedtime seems to have crept to 8pm after Christmas and I'm not sure how as it's always been 7pm. I really need to get myself more organised with dinner as it always takes longer than I think it's going to and it has a knock on effect.

Still I get more sleep than most so I'm grateful for that!


In a home development we have put up the stair gate on the living room door as Rosie is fearless in her exploration of the house. She is also unconcerned with what she puts in her mouth which is proving very trying.

She's mastered standing up and down with ease and is also starting to cruise along the furniture although she can't manage corners yet or transferring if there is a gap but I'm pretty sure she'll be there by the next month update.

We have started to practice 'walking' and it's really funny because she does one giant step and then a little one. She won't be able to really walk though until she has learnt to free stand and we aren't quite there yet.

One skill she has picked up though, and it's quite possibly my favourite thing that she has learnt so far, is to dance! Her little bum moves, her knees bend and she waves her arms around and bobs her head in happiness. It doesn't matter what music is playing, she's moving, much to our amusement.

She has started pointing at everything and I've made sure that I've upped my vocalisation of objects so that she can start to learn. We have also noticed her asking for help when she can't reach something which is showing a good understanding of her surroundings.

We've had one instance of her hiding herself for peek-a-boo at the weekend so I'm looking forward to building on that so we can start playing together. I think that's something I'm really looking forward to, when she starts to focus and play games with me unlike the last 9 months where it's been pretty one sided!

She has picked up hello as well, although she seemed to have learnt it, done it a couple of times and then not done it again! She has really started copying our expressions and actions, like drinking from cups and waggling our tongues. It's fascinating to see how she develops.

Still no teeth, and no signs of teething either but my nipples still get to be intact so I'm trying to see the positive even though Rosie seems to be the only baby without teeth!

Weight wise, she is 15lb 9oz which is only a 3oz gain again and she has dropped down into the 9th centile after following a gradual decline in her graph plotting. Lots of wonderful mums have spoken to me about this and have reassured me that she is more mobile and that she has just been sick but as I mentioned in the feeding section I struggle with this aspect of Rosie's development, greatly stemming from similar problems when she was in the womb. I will try my best to view this as a positive thing - that she's growing and strong so she needs more calories rather than my under-achievements.

She is still really clingy, separation anxiety is a true state of mind for this girl. Even when Leigh is holding her she is trying to climb across to me! I do love that I am her whole world though, all too soon I am sure we will be fighting and she'll be slamming doors and shouting she hates me so hopefully then I can remember these days.

She loves a couple of tv programmes, Bitz and Bobs and Hey Dugee! She always crawls to the tv and does a little dance at the theme tunes. She also loves the book Dear Zoo, and is really good at lifting the flaps without any guidance from me.

Me, Postpartum

My second period has arrived and my cycle seems to have changed although I need a few more to see if there is a pattern. It would be good if there was, as my previous cycle was 28 days and now it looks like it could be 32.

I'm ok, apart from today's wobble. Rosie and I have settled in to a nice routine and motherhood is becoming even more rewarding the more she is able to interact with me. It's lovely to watch her learn and grow every day and I'm so content at the moment.

Cara x