• Cara Goulding

Ten Months with Rosalind

The big double digit month. What a grown up my little girl has become, and how quickly too.

It has been a month of some big achievements and also some big changes for me. We have definitely settled into a lovely routine together and it's just a joy to watch her grow and learn every day.


Eating seems to be going better over the last month, she is happy to tuck into dinner every night although a little resistant to lunch still. I am thinking about moving her main meal of the day to lunch time instead so that way she will have more calories to burn during the afternoon.

I have also become a lot more relaxed with fruits and sugar. She desperately needs the energy, and it's not like she's eating all the cake and getting fat so fruit is now served with nearly every meal, peach is her absolute favourite, she makes her happy noises when she eats one.

I have managed to find a time to fit in a little bit of formula, she has this just before her first nap of the day. She started off only drinking around 1-2oz but has slowly been building up and is now drinking around 4oz. I do need to start thinking seriously about dropping a feed in preparation for weaning her by her first birthday so I think it will be the 2nd feed of the day, I will just give her formula and no breast to sleep. Then her 3rd feed will be dropped next, then her first morning feed and finally her night feed.

I'm feeling a bit sad about stopping, and also aware that it will open up some problems - it's so easy to just stick her on the boob whether it be to calm her/feed her/get her to sleep - some I'm dragging my heels on it a bit but I need to get started really.


We had a really weird sleep regression for a couple of weeks, where she was waking up in the middle of the night for a couple of hours and she would be fully awake. We would bring her into bed with us and sit up with her until she was tired enough to fall back to sleep. It seemed to be never ending at the time although it was only bad for a little bit really. I think it's harder to be awake for a big block of time rather than several times in the night - although neither is welcome!

Since that weird little regression she has gone back to either sleeping through or having only one wakeup and I'm able to get her back down in around 20 minutes so I'm welcoming the extra sleep again. Bedtime is now 7.30/8pm - 7am, and that seems to be pretty consistent.

Naps continue to be a real problem, she's sleeping, but I'm having to feed her to sleep every time because she won't settle by herself. Looking ahead and weaning I'm a little concerned about how we are going to manage but hopefully we can find a way around the constant standing in the cot. The timing of the naps however is perfect, she now has two clear nap times. Her morning nap is between 10-10.30am and for the last two days she has slept for 1hr 45mins so let's hope I'm finally getting longer naps after many months of 30/40mins. Her afternoon nap is around 2.30/3 and lasts around 40minutes although it's been harder to put her down in the cot, I don't think she falls in to as deep a sleep.


Two massive achievements this month, I don't know which one I am more excited about.

One - Rosie stood by herself with no help or support for the first time and has continued to practice a little each day gaining in confidence. Walking follows standing though and I'm not sure I am completely ready for that. I was really pleased when she did it for the first time as Leigh was also there and I love it when he doesn't miss the milestones.

Two - My little baby has FINALLY put on some weight and now weighs a whopping 17lb 1oz! I am so happy that she is back on her centile line, and she has gained an incredible 20oz in a month which given her previous 6oz in 3 months I am just thrilled about. The Health Visitor just said I need to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing so I'll continue with the formula for a couple more months and keep the fat\sugar content up (as well as veg). Even if she doesn't put as much on next month I feel like I have a little bit of respite because she did so well this month

She cruises with such confidence now, going around corners with ease and transferring from object to object. Her 'walking' has come along and she is much faster now, along with her crawling which is super speedy we have to have eyes in the back of our heads already and she isn't even properly walking yet.

If she isn't meant to have it, it goes in her mouth. I think I've baby proofed the living room a thousand times and yet she still always manages to get into trouble. I do need to sort the house out so she has a bit more space to roam but there are so many hazards that I can't stand the thought of what she might poke her fingers into or put in her mouth.

We have a few new sounds and words. Most recently she's learnt a new vowel sound and keeps saying 'O' when pointing at something, she sound like a little monkey. She is also very clearly saying Dada, and knows when he's home. Her head goes up and she looks towards the door, beaming at him when she sees him. She has a clear knowledge of who is mum and who is dad which is lovely to see. A couple of times it's also really sounded like she's saying 'up' and pointing towards the sky.

She has picked up clapping again and will do so when she's happy but also when she's sad like she's trying to cheer herself up. She seems to have stopped poking her tongue out all the time which I actually miss quite a lot.

She shows a curiosity but also a shyness with new things, reaching out to touch them but then she'll hesitantly pull back, looks at me, goes again, looks at me. I love that she uses me as a support and she will crawl back to me for a recharge when she is playing. I tend to sit on the floor with her now so its easier for her to climb on to my lap, have a cuddle and then scoot off again.

Rosie has learnt to high five although I'm not sure she really knows what it means, but something she is very clear on is playing 'Boo!' We've always tended to hide behind things (rather than our hands) so she does the same thing too. Ducking out of sight before springing up and screaming. She has a specific scream which means BOO! She is definitely starting to copy what we are doing, she'll try and put things on her head to wear as a hat or wipe her highchair tray like she's cleaning it.

Something else that seems determined to stay hidden are her teeth! There's not a dribble, ear tug or white tooth to be seen. It does mean that the chances of me making it through my year of breastfeeding without getting bitten are stacking in my favour. Lots of mums have told me that it's perfectly normal so trying not to dwell on it. It doesn't seem to be hindering her eating so I'm going to enjoy the gummy smiles and not stress for a while longer.

She just seems so happy recently, Leap 7 seems to be going well so far, I've been far too lucky with these leaps. Saying that she has started having little temper tantrums if you take away something she wants and it's so hard not to laugh at her. It's also quite hard to say No to her and keep a straight face because she thinks it's really funny if you use a cross voice.

On the whole however she is content, hitting her milestones and is a joy to be around. I love taking her out and about exploring and she loves charming everyone she sees, which isn't hard being as cute as she is!


You'll no doubt have seen, and if you haven't you can read about it here, but I have decided to take the plunge and become a SAHM (stay at home mum) which is a life decision I have never felt happier with. Now I've made the decision I really need to stay motivated and I'm going to endeavour to write lots of lists and keep track of any freelance work I get through.

Periods are definitely back, baby hair continues to fluff and grow and weight loss remains steady. I am feeling the most confident in my abilities and physically also than I ever have so I'm in a really good place, especially now Rosie has put on a bit of weight and I can stop worrying about that for a little bit.

I even managed to go out with friends twice last week after Rosie went down for the night so life is returning to normal and we can start to emerge from our baby cocoon of uncertainty.

Cara x