• Cara Goulding

Eleven Months with Rosalind

I've been horrendous with my blog posts and this one is coming to you at nearly twelve month but you can blame a house move and no wifi on that!

So here we are, one month away from the big event, the penultimate month of my baby being a, well......baby. After this she is going to technically be a toddler and although nothing will actually change it draws the curtain on my first year as a mother.

But until then we have eleven months to update on so let's get started!


We have started to wean off the breast and have dropped a breast feed and replaced with formula, next week I'll be dropping another and hopefully in doing it slowly it will help my body stop producing milk slowly so I don't develop any problems and also so Rosie doesn't have to go cold turkey! I've got 6 weeks to get her fully weaned.

Lunch time continues to be a problem meal for us, she picks at her food and doesn't really eat much but she loves dinner and always eats her breakfast yoghurt. We think she might like to be a bit more of a grazer at lunch time as she likes eating a bit, going away, coming back to it on the odd occasion she hasn't been in her high chair. It might be worth us getting her a little table and chairs when she is a bit older, although probably not a habit I want to encourage!

I've relaxed my no sugar rule quite sufficiently, I'm not giving her loads of sugar but if I'm having something sweet I'll let her have a bit of it. Of course these things she has no problem with, in particular some ice-cream with chocolate sauce which she was eating faster than I could load up the spoon.

She has started to show a real interest in feeding herself and will actively try and use a spoon to scoop up food and is able to put the spoon in her mouth even if there isn't very much on it. I might buy her a little fork so she can try to start spearing things instead.


Rosie is now sleeping through pretty much every night with the odd one wake up here and there. I'm interested to see if the clocks changing has any effect on her sleep but obviously I'm hoping not. She has started waking up earlier recently and I'm not sure if it's because it's lighter in the mornings. We will be putting the blackout blinds up during the summer months so she doesn't get confused or disturbed.

We also need to start thinking about getting her to sleep without any habits, we need to get to a point where we can give her some milk, bath, book, bed so thats going to be a challenge. I also need to start trying to get her to nap without milk but we've sort of got into a routine and habit with it and it will need me adjusting her milk times.

Where she's been waking up earlier she is tending to nap a bit earlier now, although I am being treated to longer naps FINALLY and she's managed 2hrs on several occasions so perhaps this is the start of something beautiful and she will merge her two naps together into a mega nap where I can actually get things done around the house.


Rosie's weight hasn't increased that much this month, she's put on 4oz and is now 17lb 5oz but for once I am not unhappy about this. She is still following her centile line and after 11 months of fret I've finally come to accept that she's just a tiny baby and that's just the way she is. It seems crazy to me though that I'll have a one year old who probably won't even weigh 18lbs! Rosie continues to sound like she's talking, so many times it sounds like she's actually saying something with multiple witnesses of it. The previous weekend we had a very clear 'cake' and also best of all a, 'hello grandad' - which is impossible but four of us heard something that sounded very similar. Actually vocabulary includes, mama, dad, door, 'og' (dog), hello,bye bye and ball and they are being said with a small inkling of what the actual object is.

We still don't have any walking but free standing continues to improve, although she is quite lazy with it and you have to trick her into letting go by handing her two toys so she has no choice!

We also don't have any teeth yet, I'm hoping that she has at least one by her first birthday, mostly so I can stop worrying about it!


I'm ticking along, nothing really to report aside from feeling emotional about my child's impending toddlerhood.

My periods seem to have taken on a new timescale of 25 days which is just crap but I'm hoping they go back to 28 days at least.

I'm still mainting a weight loss and feel happy with my decision to stay at home with Rosie especially as lots of the mum's I know are now having to think about going back to work and I'm so lucky that I don't have to think about leaving her.

Cara x