• Cara Goulding

Baby Number Two

Updated: Jan 17

Here we are, going into pregnancy again! God it feels different this time. Absolutely everything about it is completely unique which I'm actually so pleased about as it makes it a special experience of its own. So this time there's no TTC journey because we didn't actually have a journey. We had a discussion about trying for number two and then on the first month we fell pregnant. Just so completely different from the first time where I stressed about it for 5 months.

So in the first month I came on my period and I was ok with that, it was all much more relaxed - after all we have a baby so if nothing else we will always have her. But after a couple of days it became quite apparent that it wasn't like my usual period and it might just be another implantation bleed which was exactly what happened with Rosalind. The first time I had no idea such a thing could happen and it resulted in me thinking I wasn't pregnant for a whole month when I was. This time I was on the look out for something similar so I went out and got a pregnancy test but by this point I was pretty sure I was.

I took a similar approach to the first time and went and took the test, leaving it upstairs whilst I ate and drank all the things I'm not allowed for 9 months, including goats cheese and a shot of tequila (something I missed profusely when I was pregnant the first time). Then after I'd had all the fun stuff Leigh and I went up to look at the test and there it was, the faintest of positive lines. We couldn't help but laugh in disbelief. Because I've had such a different pregnancy I actually retook another test at 9 weeks just to 100% confirm that I was in fact pregnant. The 9 week test showed a big fat plus sign so that cleared up any doubt for me.

The thought of Rosalind having a little brother or sister is exciting, I think she's going to be such a wonderful and caring sibling although I am a bit worried that she will be jealous as we have such a close bond and I'm going to need to think of ways to manage that. Weirdly I think I'm having a boy, not just because everything is different but the second I looked down at the test I though, 'it's a boy...' We arent finding out again, I much prefer the surprise and it was lovely to have Leigh tell me last time so as frustrating as everyone else finds it they'll have to wait another 6 months like us! I'm going to go into more detail about what the first trimester was like in a different blogpost so keep an eye out for that if you want to know all the details of the last 3 months.

I cant believe we are having another baby! I keep thinking about what they're going to look like - will they have dark hair or be another blondie? Will their temperament be hugely different? What will be different about their personality from Rosie? I cant wait to meet this new little person we have made.

May 2020, our three will become a four and everything will change again!

Cara x