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Eighteen Months with Rosalind

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

In preparation for writing these posts I've been reading over her last update which was six months ago and the difference is just incredible. The amount that has changed in six months and how much she has grown is unbelievable. They go from being these tiny little helpless babies to basically being able to take over the world! I am so glad that I am keeping a log of all these little details and all the little quirks that make her so special because time moves so quickly I'd be worried that I'd forget it all otherwise.


Rosalind currently has two bottles of whole cows milk a day, around 8oz a bottle, at 12pm and at 7.30pm. It is a pretty much near constant demand for 'Mik-Mik' though, she would drink it all day in replacement of food if she could. We are still yet to wean her off the bottle, I keep moving the goalposts on that one and saying - eighteen months, two years....

But I think it's probably time that we at least started to drop the midday bottle. We still feed her to sleep so it will also mean doing some sleep training which is definitely why I've been putting it off!

After months of battling we are a bit better with her eating but still not 100% when it comes to lunch time. Her meal routine is as follows:

Breakfast (7.30am): Weetabix, followed by a yoghurt, followed by some of my toast, followed by some fruit

Snack will be something like (10am): Yoghurt covered rice cake, apple, pear, cheese, carrot sticks

Lunch (11.30am): Sandwich, pitta, jacket potato, handful of crisps, cocktail sausages

Milk: 12am

Snack (2.30pm): Same as above - whatever she hasn't had much of

Dinner (5pm): Whatever we are having for dinner that day

Her biggest meals of the day are breakfast and dinner so I'm not so concerned about lunch, I normally just put a plate down for her and let her pick at it.

Her favourite foods are pear, blueberries, carrots, potatoes, bananas, pasta and granny's lamb hotpot. She's doesn't like cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, cheese (apart from cheddar which she loves) and she's not hugely keen on chicken either. She asks for a 'snack-snack' when she's peckish and she's a big fan of 'choc-choc' when it's allowed! Speaking of sugar, I am much more relaxed about her sugar intake now she is a bit older, but also because she isn't piling on the pounds it's less of a concern. It's just everything in moderation really!


Rosie still wakes up pretty consistently at 7/7.30am every day and we recently moved to one nap a day so she has this at 12pm for around two hours. When she had 2 naps it was getting to the point that they were only about 40min each so I decided to move to just one.

She currently goes to sleep at 7.30/8pm, which is a little later than I'd like but as I have to pick Leigh up from the station at 7pm most days I can't actually make it any earlier for her. Luckily for us she has also slept through the night since she was about one so we are one rested household on a whole!

We still use a bottle of milk to get her to sleep for both nap and bedtime but will need to wean her off these at some point, although I've been putting it off as I'm kind of in the mindset that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

We also still use a sleeping bag for her at night although I am keen to introduce a pillow and duvet soon, I can't shake the anxious feeling of 'what if she gets tangled?!' but I'm sure I will get over that after a few nights of use. I thought with winter approaching it might be a good time to start.


Where to start with this one! She has come on in leaps and bounds since her last review. She can walk, run, jump, talk and count, all which astound me every day.

She is a little advanced on her talking with a large vocabulary and an ability to say three word sentences like, 'Mummy, what doing?' all of which have made my life so much easier when trying to understand what she wants. She has her own special words for things - peek-doo (peek-a-boo), yog-yog (yoghurt), duddle (cuddle), mik-mik (milk), choc-choc (chocolate), Betty (octopus). Everything smaller than her is 'baby' and sometimes if they're older than her too. All dogs are puppies, and she can count 1,2,3,4,6,9. We are still working on colours, everything is either yellow or blue! We have stopped swearing in the house as she copies everything and picks new words up so quickly. I'm so proud of her!

I'm also really proud of her manners. She says please, thank you and sorry if she hurts you by accident a lot of the time without prompting.

We definitely have a leftie on our hands, she draws with her left hand and also eats with her left too. It's interesting as both Leigh and I are right handed so I'm not sure where she has picked it up from.

Rosie loves to dance and listen to music and her favourite tv shows are Hey Duggee, Bing, Tee & Mo and Yakka Dee, but she loves Bing the most much to my dismay! She also loves being outside and putting on her shoes. One of the things I love is that when I say, 'Rosie where are your shoes?' she goes around the house shouting, 'shooooes? shoooooes?' in a 'where are you' tone. She also loves to hide at the moment, giggling behind the curtain before shouting peekdoo and screaming and has started tucking herself up in our bed and demanding a book which I love to see.

She has finally made it over 20lbs and was a lovely 21.3lbs at her 18 month weigh in and following her 25th line perfectly. I am slowly stopping getting stressed about her weight and I'm just accepting her for what she is, a petite little bab. We finally have a few teeth, eight to be exact - six on the top and two on the bottom, which isn't very even but at least we have teeth now! We've been really lucky with teeth and they don't seem to both her that much which is a huge relief.

We had our first virus and Rosie got Hand, Foot and Mouth which was awful. A couple of days before the blisters came up she was feeling so hot and on checking her temperature we found it was 38.8. Shortly after we took her temperature she vomited all over both of us and was just so poorly. It's so hard to see them like that so it was a relief when it cleared up after a week.

Socially Rosie is such a friendly little girl and is happy to share her toys and food. She will bestow hugs easily, although isn't a big kisser if you ask for one. She tends to give them on her terms! There are always beams of delight when she sees her grandparents and even more so when she sees our family dog. She loves animals and always wants to give them a duddle, she is obsessed with cats as she rarely gets to see them so chases any cat she sees around. I'm hoping we can get her a kitten in a few years time!

We spend all our time together so I'm interested to see how she will be when the new baby arrives. I don't doubt that she will be a lovely big sister as she has a caring side which I am keen to nuture but I do wonder if there may be some jealousy when she realises she doesn't have all my attention all the time.

Overall Rosalind is a joy every day (bar the odd tantrum) and continues to delight me with every new skill and word she learns. She is incredibly intuitive, and knows if I've had a bad day which she can normally fix it with her unique cheeky smile.

Cara x

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