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Lusso Babies Changing Bag - Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The baby changing bag is perhaps the most important piece of baby equipment you will own. You wont leave the house without it, especially in the early days and it will hold absolutely everything you need.

Therefore the bag you choose is so vital to get right. You need something lightweight, preferably with a changing mat included and insulated space for bottles is also ideal. It needs to hold all the milk/snacks/nappies/wipes/spare clothes/toys and they need to be easy to find in the depths of the bag too.

We have been sent this beaut Lusso Babies Changing Bag to try out and I have to say I'm not disappointed. We've had the same changing bag since Rosalind was born and I've always regretted not getting a backpack so I am overjoyed that I can now sling this on my back and not be weighed down/have the bag swinging in the way.

So lets talk pro's!

  • Unisex design in black and gold which means Leigh doesn't hate it, plus it's waterproof!

  • Multiple deep pockets for separating bits and pieces

  • It has a single-handed zip closure feature, making it easy when you only have one hand (a frequent occurrence!)

  • Access to the bottom of the bag from the back meaning you don't have to dig for anything that's located at the bottom

  • Two insulated bottle holders in the front pocket to keep milk cool/warm

  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps

  • Heavy duty velcro tabs so you can attach the bag to your pushchair if you don't want to carry it

  • Has a special frame so that the bag stays open making it easy to pack/find things

It sounds silly because it's just a bag but it's fitted so well into our lifestyle, I love that it's big enough that I can take everything I need and I love that once the new baby is here I will be able to have a pocket for Rosie's things and a pockets for all the extra nappies I'll be needing to take out!

I actually have very limited cons, my only real problem is that the changing mat has to go in the bag with everything else, it doesn't have it's own compartment but that is minor compared to everything it does have going for it.

I highly recommend getting this bag as your baby changing bag, I don't think you'll regret it. I just wish I'd got mine sooner!

To shop the bag, click here, and there's currently 20% off in the Black Friday sales.

Cara x

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