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A Letter to my Second Baby

I wrote a letter to your sister before she was born so I wanted you to have one too, my little love.

Right now you are keeping me waiting and I am overdue with some uncertainty about how you plan to arrive. I know that when you do arrive though you will bring so much life and joy to my world as we get to know one another. Another little piece of my heart living on the outside of my body.

You will be coming into the world at such a strange time, the country is in lockdown with a pandemic prevalent. There hasn't been anything like it in years and I hope you never have to experience anything like it again. Still the one thing that the world needs right now is more life and you will provide so much happiness with your arrival.

You won't have the same luxuries as your sister and be able to meet all your family straight away, it will have to wait until much later but I know you will be worth the wait. Everyone is so keen to meet you and you will be completely smothered in cuddles and kisses from Mummy, Daddy and Rosie until everyone else can join in too!

We don't know if you are a boy or a girl, what hair colour you will have, if you will have your Daddy's blonde hair and blue eyes or if you might look more like me. I secretly hope that you look like me because your sister is a mini Daddy. Will you be born with lots of hair, with any birthmarks? I'm so excited to see!

You have been a delight in pregnancy and such an easy baby (apart from your killer kicks and punches). For the most part you've never given me a reason to feel anxious that you aren't happily growing away inside me and I think it's madness that I haven't seen you since you were only 21 weeks. I hope you've enjoyed me singing to you over the last 9 months and that you'll enjoy dancing because of all the dancing I've done with you in my tummy.

I know that the second I see you I am going to love you, that my heart will double in size and you and I will always have our own special relationship. I found out what it was to be a mother with Rosalind so you will always have things slightly easier, I know what works and what doesn't!

I'm so excited to see what different quirks you have, what you find interesting and what makes you laugh. Will you be confident like your sister and your Mummy or will you be shy and quiet like your Daddy? Will you enjoy music and dancing in the kitchen like we do every day? Will you be interested in Science? What will you be when you grow up? You can be anything you want, although I'll say the same thing to you as I did to Rosie – you mustn't become an astronaut and fly off to space and leave me.

I can't wait to see the relationship with your sister develop. She's going to love you so much and I hope that you always lean on each other for support especially when you are all grown up. Christmas with your uncles is always so much fun when we are able to tease each other again and I hope to spend many Christmases with you both where you do the same to each other. She has given you so many cuddles, kisses and wobbles whilst you've been in my tummy and I am sure you will know her voice as much as you know mine.

Life is strange and wonderful, I know you are going to figure that out for yourself. There are so many little moments of overwhelming happiness in the every day and it's these you must always try and focus on. Find the things and people that make you happy and hold on to them and treasure them. There will be tricky moments and moments you may question your choices but my favourite saying is 'trust the timing of your life' so sleep on it if you can and things will always seem a bit brighter in the morning.

I know you will bring me such overwhelming happiness every day and watching you grow from a tiny baby into the man/woman you will become will fill me with such pride. Love took on a different kind of meaning to me when I became a mother and I will always be here for you whenever you need me, for a cuddle, for advice or just to listen. I am so excited for you to join us and for you to become a part of our family. When you are here it will be like you always were.

Mummy x

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