• Cara Goulding

First Trimester - Baby Two

So I'm a little bit late with this blog post considering I'm now half way through the second trimester but I couldn't do this baby a disservice and not give it the same documentation as Rosie.

This is going to require some pretty good memory skills on my part but I think I can manage to think back to the first trimester even though in all honesty it really wasn't that eventful!

It couldn't be more different this time, it's like a completely different experience and although this sounds odd, I'm glad that it's been this way around. I think if I'd have experienced this style of pregnancy the first time I would have spent every moment worrying that something was wrong. This time is was a lot easier to be calmer and also thankful.

So it's easier to list the things that I didn't have. I had no morning sickness, aside from a couple of minor incidents that passed almost straight away. I didn't have sore breasts or nipples, no headaches appeared and I wasn't dizzy. I also managed to avoid feeling overly tired, perhaps I'm just used to being a little more tired from having a child anyway. My sense of smell didn't hugely increased either.

Hiding my drinking (or lack of) was so much easier this time around, even though I worked at a pub and thought it would be tricky it turns out only one person noticed that I wasn't drinking, a work colleague of mine who I told at around 6 weeks just in case I needed cover at any point. Because I now live in the country and I'm not going out 3 times a week with friends I didn't have to hide which was actually a huge relief.

I don't have any food aversions this time around and my cravings have been different too. Tuna, Salt & Vinegar crisps, Tuna & Cheese Toasties, Feta cheese and Curry for a couple of weeks (which is the strangest one as I don't like Indian food). The biggest craving I had was for Chicken Supernoodles, at one point I was getting through two packs a day and it had to be very specifcally supernoodles, knock off versions wouldn't do. The pattern here is that it's all savoury and salty foods which is interesting if you put stock in the sweet for a girl, savoury for a boy.

I felt the baby much earlier, at around 11 weeks, which to begin with I couldn't quite believe but having been through it before I just knew those were the very first flutterings. That really helped with a lot of the uncertainty that came with being symptom free. I also took two tests at varying stages this time, one at 3 weeks when we found out and another at 9 weeks just to make sure, again I felt it was needed to help with the uncertainty.

Having said that I have been much calmer this time around, perhaps because it has all gone so unbelievably quickly that I haven't had a chance to stop and think about anything negative. I've just been happily meandering along!

The 12 week scan was lovely, especially as we took Rosie in with us so she could see the baby. She doesn't actually have a clue what's going on as she's not quite old enough to understand but it'll be lovely to tell her when she's older that she was there the first time we all saw her little brother or sister. We didn't have the shock of our dates being 4 weeks out this time, only 3 days putting us further into May which I'm happy about what with their sister's birthday being at the end of April.

I was slightly more laid back with telling people this time, I still held off from announcing on social media until we'd had our 12 week scan but when people asked if we were planning on having another I told them we were already expecting and I told a lot of my friends from early on as well. I had an increased awareness this time of the shockingly high miscarriage rate and so was anxious not to upset anyone, although in the same breath I found it also gave me the freedom to tell people, with the idea that I would tell them if I was to suffer a miscarriage anyway so I'd rather be open.

I haven't experienced any hugely low moments in the first trimester. I had a little cry a couple of days after we took the test as I was dancing around the kitchen with Rosie and I realised that it wasn't going to be just the two of us anymore and I hoped she wouldn't ever feel like she didn't have my whole heart. I have had a few days where I've felt really low but have felt much better the next day so that's just my hormones settling down.

I've noticed my clothes have become tighter quicker and I'm my tummy looked more pregnant faster but I was in love with my pregnancy body before so it's nice to have that confidence again and not worry.

Overall it has been an enjoyable first trimester as I try and wrap my head around the fact that in 6 months time there will be two humans dependant on me. It's a daunting but exciting prospect for sure.