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Rosalind's 2nd Birthday

My little baby turned 2 on the 21st April and what a time to have a birthday. With the whole country in lockdown we weren't able to have a party with live band (aka Daddy and his best friend) with friends and family present but we still wanted to have a special day so we decided to have a tea party with just the three of us.

The day dawned and we went up to her room to let her know the special day had arrived and she was so excited. We'd set up the living room with her presents and balloons the night before so we headed downstairs to surprise her. She instantly said 'my party!' so she was happy and even more so when she noticed the balloons.

Rosie made a start on her presents and we video called Granny and Grandad to say hello before heading outside to try out her new bubble machine, scooter and to whoosh around the garden pretending to be a superhero, rescuing Daddy from the tree.

She was gifted some lovely things for her birthday including a scooter, sticker books, a little tikes car, a mud kitchen, pirate water table, duplo blocks, bubble machine, and a superhero cape.

For lunch we had put on a picnic feast for her with cheese & pineapple sticks, sandwiches, hummus and carrot, sausage rolls, crisps, cupcake, chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries with melted chocolate to dip into. Popcorn, party rings and of course the birthday cake too. I tried to make it as special as possible with her tipi and a happy birthday pom pom bunting.

I made a salted caramel, chocolate and popcorn cake this year using this recipe and it was delicious (although slightly more rustic than the recipe version), the finger marks agree with me!

We sat out in the garden under the tipi with our cups of tea and got stuck in to all the food, Rosie getting very mucky but looking very happy.

After a two hour nap it was up again and time for the birthday fun to continue with ice cream and a chocolate egg hunt! It was a very food themed day for our little love. We blew out the candles on her birthday cake multiple times as she loves singing Happy Birthday.

Despite not being able to get out and do something with her we actually had the most wonderful day, luckily Rosie is young enough that she didn't mind spending the day with Mummy, Daddy, a bubble machine and lots of chocolate.

Happy 2nd Birthday Rosalind!

Cara x

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