• Cara Goulding

Second Trimester - Baby Two

Updated: Apr 2

A Trimester is 12 weeks right? How 12 weeks can go by in such a flash is beyond me, although if I think about what's actually happened in those 12 weeks some of it seems so long ago.

For a start our 20 week scan feels like a lifetime ago, before Christmas even, and to find out that the baby might have a brain cyst, only to be told that there definitely wasn't anything there - well that all seems like another lifetime ago.

So let's start at the beginning I suppose! 13 weeks pregnant, we had finally been able to announce that we were pregnant and it was told with mixed emotions. We were happy to be announcing but so sad for those that had also lost at similar times.

It took a toll on me emotionally, my pregnancy hormones were in overdrive and I spent a good few weeks feeling very low and unable to figure out how I should be with people. It took a good friend to remind me that I can still be happy for my own pregnancy to remind me that I was allowed to feel excited too.

At 14 weeks I had my first of three Gestational Diabetes tests and with great relief passed it with flying colours! It was something I was incredibly worried about so to pass meant that I could relax a little until the second test at 24 weeks which again I passed, although only just. I spoke to a midwife who said I would probably get it on my 28 weeks test as my numbers seemed to be increasing.

On the last day of my Second Trimester I went to have my final 28 week test. I had prepared myself better mentally this time around and had pretty much come to terms with what the next three months would be like. The absolute shock of finding out that I didn't have it, and I wouldn't need to have another test was so overwhelming that I burst into tears when she told me.

Having GD with Rosie really tainted my pregnancy, I spent the third trimester with her miserable and worried. So to be able to go into this last trimester knowing that my body is doing a good job in looking after my second baby is wonderful.

Having a C Section with Rosalind meant that I got to have a birth consultant appointment to decide how I would prefer this second baby to be born. After lots of thought I decided that if I had GD I would book a C Section but if I didn't then I would try for a VBAC. This was made even better when the consultant said she saw no reason that I couldn't have a water-birth if I wanted too, an option I thought was completely closed off to me. Now with the news at the end of this trimester that I don't have GD, I am 100% happy to try for a VBAC, unless it goes to induction, in which case I will choose to have a C Section instead.

I didn't have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) with Rosie but it's made a very unwelcome appearance for this pregnancy. It started that I just felt like my hip needed to click back into place but over the weeks it got worse and I've had to make some adjustments to the way I stand and I find if I'm on my back it's at its worst and my hip locks, causing shooting pains if I try and move.

Our 20 week scan was a mixed bag, Rosie was very sweet and got so excited about seeing the baby on the screen. We also stayed resolute on not finding out the sex and I'm really glad because finding out after I've given birth to this little baby is so exciting. However we were told at the end of the appointment that there was a possibility of a cyst on the brain and we'd need an additional scan just to double check that everything was ok.

So a couple of weeks later we took a trip to Brighton Hospital for another scan. We were really relived to be told that there wasn't anything there at all and baby looked fine. The sonographer was lovely and really included Rosie in the whole process, even giving her a little scan picture to keep.

I always feel like the second trimester is the most uneventful of the three, so it's great to be in the third trimester and speeding towards the end of the pregnancy!

Cara x