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Third Trimester - Baby Two

I think this feels like the longest trimester of them all, and not just because I am currently 4 days overdue. It is obviously the most tiring of them all as you get bigger and this baby hasn't been shy about kicking and punching either which doesn't help.

I started this trimester by passing my glucose test meaning I didn't have Gestational Diabetes and that test feels like a lifetime ago. I tell you what though, not having the same restrictions as last time has been an absolute joy.

I was worried that if I didn't have GD that I would end up gaining lots of weight but when I had my 36 week check up I discovered that I had put on about half a stone less than the average woman of that gestation which I was so happy about. In fact I had only put on 19lbs and some of that will be baby and placenta so hopefully it wont be too much of a struggle to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.

Of course the big thing that's happened in my third trimester is the pandemic that's taken over. Suddenly being pregnant has taken on a whole new level of difficulty and being classed as vulnerable is worrying. I find that people have kept a much wider difference the second they notice the bump. It's has bought challenges with labour as well, having to figure out several labour strategies with Plans A,B and C in place just in case.

My bump has been much bigger this time around, Rosie was considered a small baby and my bump reflected this, measuring a couple of weeks behind through the pregnancy. This time the baby is measuring right on track with my midwife reckoning they are between 7.5 – 8.5lbs. I'm of course hopefully it will be on the smaller side if I'm to attempt a VBAC.

My cravings have shifted slightly, as in I don't crave either sweet or savoury although I think the most consistent cravings have to be pasta and I've eaten A LOT of tuna this pregnancy. I'm not sure I can use cravings to try and guess the gender anymore though.

My SPD hasn't got worse, I have found a way to manage it so it's rare for me to get stuck like I used to. Still there are occasions where I can't move and getting up from the sofa is pretty hard work. I'm also very much looking forward to being able to lie on my front again, just having the option would be lovely.

One of the things that's been really strange is that I haven't seen the baby since 21 weeks. I had 9 scans with Rosie and at one point daily monitoring so the fact that I haven't seen the baby is bittersweet. Still as my midwife checks towards the end have been every 2 weeks at least I have been able to listen to the heartbeat and the constant battering from the inside lets me know that they are all ok in there even if I'm wincing.

As the birth draws closer with every day it has been a surprise to me how quickly the overall pregnancy has gone. I have been much more distracted and the months have slipped by. Some weeks it's been a shock to realise I'm another week closer to the end.

The difference between this pregnancy and my first have been stark and I almost find myself glad that this one has been so 'easy' so I've been able to spend my final few months with my first little before taking on the challenges of being a mum of two.

Cara x

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