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Two Years with Rosalind

Ask me where the last two years have gone and I wouldn't be able to tell you. It feels like I can remember birthing her just moments ago and yet here I am with fully fledged toddler on my hands who is independent, funny and compassionate. Her imagination is growing by the day and we can have a conversation together, something that seemed so far in the future before but is an every day reality now.

I want to keep doing these updates on a yearly basis now, although after reading through her Eighteen Month update not that much has changed. Still it will be lovely to look back and see where we were in later years.


We haven't made huge changes to the amount of milk she has throughout the day. We dropped the 12pm nap bottle so she just has 8oz before bed every day however if she asks for milk through the day I will let her have a couple of oz.

Some days she doesn't ask for milk at all and some days she has some after breakfast and some in the afternoon, although I never let her have milk after 4pm or she doesn't eat her dinner.

My only big issue with the milk drinking is that she refuses to drink milk from a cup and will only take it from her bottle. The bottle has become a comfort mechanism, much like a dummy would be, and a lot of the time I wonder if its the milk she wants or just the comfort of something to suck.

As for eating I swear all she does is snack! It's just the constant sound of the fridge door being opened and now she has started being able to reach the counter tops we need to hide all the food in cupboards out of sight. She still doesn't have the biggest appetite when it comes to main meals, even if I try to withhold the majority of snacks, but I read somewhere that it's better to look at what they eat over the week rather than in a day and if I do that I'm happy with how much she's eating.

Rosie isn't in the high chair anymore and sits on the dining room chairs but we do have a bit of a battle with getting her to sit at the table for prolonged periods. She has the majority of her snacks on the 'tiny table' - which is the coffee table the tv sits on!

Her favourite foods continue to be mince based - shepherds pie, chilli, spag bol and she will eat strawberries and raspberries by the punnet. She also loves having a 'hot mallow' (hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on top) and will chomp happily away on carrots. She also loves strawberry jam and banana milk. She still wont eat tomatoes, cucumber or mushrooms much to my dismay!


Rosalind continues to be an excellent sleeper which I am forever grateful for although I am dreading seeing how she copes with a newborn crying in the night and potentially waking her.

We had a little wobble a couple of months ago where she refused to nap for a couple of weeks and we had to go back to sleep training techniques but it's worked out nicely as I needed to get her out of the habit of being fed to sleep for her naps before the baby arrived.

Now I put her in her cot for her nap at 12pm, she complains for a couple of minutes, usually throws her duvet out of the cot in a tantrum and then lies down and goes to sleep. She tends to sleep between 1.5 - 2 hours which is enough time for me to grab some lunch and have a little bit of me time.

Bed time has moved forward slightly, as Leigh is working from home and we've been able to get her down at around 7 / 7,30 which I much prefer as it gives us a tiny bit more evening. She still wakes up at 7am to start the day which is appreciated!

The next big hurdle for her will be losing being fed to sleep at night, we need to get her to the point where she will go down by herself for the evening and we also need to consider when to move her into her cot bed with no sides. We also transitioned to a pillow and duvet a couple of months ago with great success!


All she does is chat. I don't really like to talk about it because I don't want it to come across as being a braggy parent but I am so unbelievably proud of how advanced Rosie's speech is for her age.

We can have full conversations and I understand around 98% of what she's saying to me, I think people outside the immediate family understand around 80%. She can say 7 word sentences such as, 'Don't worry Daddy. Mummy be back soon' which she said earlier today when I went to the shops, or 'Can you brush my hair please Lucy?' - when talking to a doll we have. She is good with her pronouns and says when something is her favourite or if she likes/doesn't like something.

She also says 'I missed you Mummy' if she's been away from me for a period of time and in the last couple of weeks she's been saying 'I love you' unprompted which makes my heart swell. We get woken up every morning by her calling down the stairs and I'll say 'Morning Rosie' and she'll responded 'Morning Mummy!' which is so sweet.

We have recently mastered colours which she now attaches to everything, 'red jumper,' 'blue ball' etc and she can count to 10 except for the number 8 which she always misses! If you ask her name she says Rosalind Goulding and I'm currently trying to work on teaching her her age. Some of her biggest words are delicious, adventure, treasure, superhero and dinosaur.

Her imagination and memory play continue to surprise me. One of her favourite things to do is make us meals in her kitchen, and she loves making dens in her tipi, dragging all her cuddly toys in and putting them to bed. She also reenacts tv shows that she's seen and we have to get involved. She loves to dance and make music and give her some pva glue or colouring pencils and she is so happy to do arts & crafts. She also adores animals and gets so excited when she sees them. We recently had some sheep in the field behind our house and she loved it.

Rosie has 11 of her 20 teeth so still a little behind for her age but they are coming slowly but surely. I'm not sure of her weight as we are unable to get her weighed currently because of the pandemic but we did a rough height measurement and she is around 2.8ft (34in) which will put her at approx 5ft 7" when she is fully grown.

My poor little love has had to suffer her first haircut at the hands of Mummy and Daddy thanks to Covid-19 and let's just say the fringe is a little shorter than we intended but her hair has taken on a life of its own suddenly and was getting in her eyes so it was a necessity!

Socially she is better with adults then children, she tends to run away screaming - although I'm unsure if this is a game she's playing but we had enrolled her at Nursery for one morning a week just to allow her to build on her social skills. This has been put on hold though until the Nursery is open again so hopefully she can start in a few months.

Rosalind is very assertive (some may say bossy), and is rarely shy. She can be boisterous at times but has her really sweet and tender moments too. If she ever sees me crying she will ask if I'm ok and bring me something to cheer me up. She is a quick learner and always full of smiles. We've had a couple of toddler meltdowns but for the most part she is an easy and joyful child who isn't afraid to be centre of attention!

Cara x

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